Be Agile. 
Be innovative. 
Strategize. Plan. Organize. Execute. Assess.

We work with ambitious clients in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT), TELECOMMUNICATION AND DRONE INDUSTRIES, who want to define the future, not hide from it.


We help our clients transform ideas into innovation. We promote the ethical and secure adoption of technology and draw on project management best practices to deliver on time, cost and quality. 

Successful project management is at the heart of what we do. We ask smart and, sometimes, challenging questions at the outset to identify and understand the problem that clients are trying to solve.

Our experienced project managers support projects throughout the whole lifecycle. We deliver the customer focused and tailored solutions by providing the highest standards of project management and utilizing our experience gained in the Telecom, IT, Government and Start–up environments/sectors.

Do you need a project/ program manager to take care of the daily project management tasks to let you and your organisation focus on developing your business?
Do you want to optimize the utilization of your resources leading to higher profits of the business?
Do you want to apply an Agile approach in project management?

We lead programs and projects through their complete life-cycle for your projects to ensure they meet all set requirements such as time, cost and quality.

We can support you to define your strategic direction to meet your business goals with clear milestones and requirements.

We help you identify areas of improvement and create processes that ease the daily operation. 

We can support you in optimizing your operations to save time & money and uplift the delivered quality

Whether you or your team need upskilling, answers to a problem or just general advice, we have vast experience in industry best practice and a unique model on how to best tailor them into your daily operation.

You understand the important of a strategic planning but don’t know how to effectively apply?


Founder, CEO

Senior Project Manager


Project Manager 


Junior Project Manager

"All members of Manageld are extraordinarily driven and are willing to go the extra mile and would make a positive impact to any team. During their time with Elisa Videra Manageld’s team led a number of large profile and international projects. Whilst running these projects they were always fully engaged with the project stakeholders keeping the customer’s needs at the forefront of the project teams minds and always striving to deliver to all project requirements. I would recommend them for any service they have, as they naturally rise to the occasion and are able to lead a team to success and complete aligned to agreed targets."


Daniel Maddox, Director, Delivery Services at Elisa Videra



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